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You don't need a fortune to start investing but you need to start investing to create a fortune.

We work with local investors and foreign investors wishing to purchase properties in the US. We provide our clients one-on-one comprehensive real estate investment strategies and wealth building plans, market intelligence, research and experience in order to minimize risk and maximize returns. Our team of professionals include international tax consultants, immigration attorneys, interior designers, title and insurance experts, and other passionately committed to provide you peace of mind and expert advice. At Business For Life, we have your back!


The FIP exclusive coaching program is a one stop concierge solution for those who want all of the real estate services, immigration, tax, employment, and basically lifestyle matters handle for them and receive access to information of unique investments opportunities. Investing in USA is more than just purchasing a property. Like learning a new language, we teach our clients the real estate market and business culture in the US, including market trends, international tax impact and how to select the best properties with the most advantageous conditions. Successful investors not only need good properties to purchase but a solid strategy to purchase right and sell on time. We guide our clients from the very beginning, all the way to multiple investment and the creation of a solid investment portfolio.

The Models

Either as an individual investor or joining an investment fund, you receive access to unique properties, REO inventory and private investments. Find out which investment structure best fits your needs and goals.

Individual investor 1

As an individual investor we work with you one-on-one to identify the type of properties that best fits your budget and investment plan. We help you create a short and long term investment strategy, and represent you exclusively as your buyer agent. If financing is needed, we work closely with specialty international lenders that will guide you through the process to obtain a mortgage.

friends and family 2

This investment model works like a cooperative, in which a small group of friends and family members create a real estate investment company (REIC) and the revenues and expenses are shared by the group. The properties are owned by the REIC and the revenues and expenses are shared by the group. This allows each member to own a percentage of properties and create their investment portfolio. This is a simple model that requires attention but is not regulated by the government like an investment fund with securities.

investment funds 3

This investment model presents an opportunity for sophisticated investors to participate in large purchases of properties or packages of properties (Bulk purchase). A prospectus is presented and must be reviewed in detail by the investor, and we highly recommend by their attorney. Once the investor is qualified to participate, the fund lends money to others or purchase properties directly and provides a return to the investor. Some of these investment funds can qualify to help the investor obtain residency in the United States.

eb-5 projects 4

There are several real estate investment opportunities that can qualify to assist the investor in obtaining a Green Card for him and his/her family. We work with specialized immigration attorneys to make sure this journey is both secure and profitable for our clients. We conduct our own due diligences on every Real Estate EV-5 Investment Opportunity our clients may be interested in, even when these opportunities are sponsored by USCIS Approved Regional Centers.

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