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The formula to create balance and joy between business and life resides in the word LIFE. The biggest challenge people have applying this formula is believing in it. We coach business partners and family business members in respecting, empowering and enjoying working with each other while celebrating each other's accomplishments in life and in business.
Here are some coaching tips in LIFE

Love what you do- This is the first step to find balance and joy, if what you are doing is not something you love and are passionate about, the rest doesn't matter.
Inspire your partner- Since you love what you do, the energy created while doing it is contagious and will inspire your partner and yourself to make better choices.
Free up time to work- That is right, schedule your life first and then free up time to work. Out of the 168 hours you have in a week, schedule your life activities first and then you will have free time to work.
Enjoy the journey- Most people set their goals on results and not on the process to get the result. It is best to set purposeful goals on the journey to follow, as at the end is not where you end up that matters is who you become during the process that will make a difference.

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