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If you built it they will come...If you shape it, it will grow! In business as in life. As we grow, it is easy to get out of shape. Your coach will help you and your company get back in shape and enjoy the ride to prosperity and joy!

The Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are customized to fit the cultural and business needs of each client and are presented in both English and Spanish. We have developed our own FORMAT business model to help companies and entrepreneurs evaluate their current state and create a strong action plan to get their companies and teams in the best shape.

The latin boom 1

America's hottest business opportunity. We specialize in helping corporations reach out, serve and grow with the Hispanic market in the US. We do this by applying our SMART diversity solution which identifies specific markets to serve & measures the impact and opportunity. Once identified, we work with the companies to attract, recruit and train qualified Hispanics bilingual sales and service professionals and coach them not only to sell and service the company products and services in a culturally relevant manner, but to build careers worth building and a great quality of life.

Real estate business 2

With over 40 years of experience as successful real estate agents, broker owners and corporate executives we love to provide our clients one on one comprehensive real estate brokerage and sales strategies to help them build strong companies based on respect, accountability and collaboration, and sales professionals with the most effective sales and service coaching programs to maximize their potential and create amazing results. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

Business energy 3

We are all energy. How we manage the staff and sales team's energy in a company determines its power to attract and grow. To empower the sales team and staff, we coach the company leaders and their teams on identifying and aligning people's business energy sources as well as energy drains so they can create and maintain a constant flow of good energy. This coaching program helps recharge the passion for the business, reenergize the commitments of its people, increase sales exponentially and remove the excuses.

One on one coaching 4

The great performers in life and in business have a coach! We have developed a unique approach to help business entrepreneurs and top producers increase sales opportunities and grow their business exponentially. This coaching program is not for everyone, only for those 100% committed to their success. Our focus is on balance growth, accountability and legacy.


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