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Business Coaching

We specialize in helping companies in US grow their Hispanic market share and Real Estate professionals and entrepreneurs build great companies. We use a simple and powerful approach that inspire and empowers all key players in the organization to be the best at their roles, accountable for their performance and loyal to their teams and personal commitments. Our motto, no money is simple. We follow the laws of nature to help our clients produce amazing resutls. Like Bees, Saul coaches his clients on having a definite purpose and a well-defined process to achieve their results. Through synchronized collaboration, focus and discipline, his clients enjoy being the creators of circumstances and not the victims of chance. As the Bees pollinate to produce honey, people prosper to produce money.

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Real Estate Investment Coaching

With over 40 years of experience as successful real estate agents, broker owners, corporate executives and investors, we love to share lessons learned, best practices and strategies to help national and foreign real estate investors build great protfolios of properties. We provide our clients one on one comprehensive real estate investment strategies and wealth building plans, market intelligence, research and experience in order to minimize risk and maximize returns. Our team of professionals include international tax consultants, immigration attorneys, interior designers, title and insurance experts, and others passionately commited to provide you peace of mind and expert advice.

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Life Coaching

What is the purpose of having a great business if you cannot have a great life? We know that having a business can take away from life, and from our own experience we know how challenging this can be. Many couples and businesses struggle finding the balance between their business life and personal life and in many cases give up one or the other. The secret is not in separating it but in complementing it in such a way that the unity of intention and desire stregthen both. From our years of coaching families and couples in businesses we have found the forumla to enjoy, prosper and create balance both in business and life.

My Business My Life!

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